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Cloned credit cards are spammed  Credit cards with clean funds. My Cloned cards are available for cash out in ATMs 🏧,Gas Stations ⛽️ and can be used for online purchase. Our cloned cards come with ATM pins for easy cashout.


Skimmers are small devices that can be attached to hardware such as point of sale (POS) terminals at physical retail locations or ATMs, commonly used by fraudsters. These devices function as card readers and capture credit card information, including card numbers, PINs, and CVV data from unaware victims. Skimmers are also affordable and available for purchase online.

Fraudsters can use a fake keypad on POS terminals or ATMs to obtain the legitimate cardholder's PIN information. With this data, they can create a new physical card using the stolen information and conduct fraudulent purchases in the name of the legitimate cardholder. Cardholders may not be aware of these activities until they check their bank accounts, financial documents, or notice a change in their credit score.
Cloning no longer requires physical execution, as fraudsters can now steal a large number of card details using remote scanning equipment thanks to contactless technology. According to a Feedzai study, card cloning has increased by 34% globally and has become a worldwide phenomenon. Recent incidents include the detention of individuals by Irish police with 66 skimmed credit cards seized, the recovery of over 350 counterfeit cards by Indian police, and the detention of six individuals by the FBI in the United States for stealing over $200,000 from petrol stations using card skimming technology.


Card cloning is a fairly elaborate criminal scheme. More specifically:

  1. An accomplice is recruited – someone with physical access to credit cards e.g. a cashier, restaurant server etc.
  2. They are given a skimmer – a compact machine used to capture card details. This can be a separate machine or an add-on to the card reader. 
  3. The customer hands their card to the accomplice, as payment.
  4. The accomplice swipes the card through the skimmer, in addition to the POS machine used for normal payment.
  5. The accomplice hands back the card to the unsuspecting customer.
  6. The thief transfers the details captured by the skimmer to the magnetic strip a counterfeit card, which could be a stolen card itself.
  7. The counterfeit card can now be used in the way a legitimate card would, or for additional fraud such as gift carding and other carding.

A blank card that contains information received using credit card filters are called cloned credit cards. You can use them for in- store shopping (card) or cash payment through the ATM.

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These machines enable you to make copies of cards in any quantity and with a variety of colors to suit your preferences. 


These cloned ATM cards function just like regular ones, but they are loaded with varying amounts of money.


Clone cards function exactly like your debit/credit cards. They have the same capabilities, allowing you to make withdrawals at any ATM worldwide.

Clone cards work worldwide

Our top-notch services are available globally. Our cards are equipped with a 4-digit pin that is used at the ATM to make withdrawals. Clone cards have no restrictions at the ATM, functioning just like a regular ATM card. The frequency of your withdrawals depends on the balance of the card, with withdrawals possible every 2 hours.

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