Fake bank notes

Our counterfeit banknotes are produced with all security features in mind to give them the best quality customers want. They pass the pen test, the UV light test and the hologram, the water spot test.

Buy euro bills for paying for things off the radar

While nothing should keep you from spending our euros to your liking, including rewarding yourself with insanely expensive things, you can also use them for undetectable payments. If you’re paying for a product or service that needs to be kept under wraps, our fake euro bills are best for it. They can’t be traced back, and they are made with unique identifying numbers to make sure nobody thinks of them as counterfeit notes.

 Our invoices can be used in the following places.
  ✅Self-service machines

     ✅ Festivals/other crowded places
     ✅ cash
     ✅ Taxis
     ✅ Casinos and all other similar places


 Your safety and customers protection is our top priority and therefore we go to great lengths to ensure that all our customers do not have any kind of problem after placing an order with us.


 We understand that counterfeiting is not entirely legal in many countries, so we always pack 100% discreetly, so your orders reach their destination without any problems.


 - We offer very discreet, secure and guaranteed interstate and worldwide shipping and 100% guarantee our customers that the order clears their country without problems.

- Double packaged vacuum sealed and Stealth on all orders so as not to pick up any dog (dog) smell or electronic trackers,
- In case of delivery complications, the package will be returned.

Worldwide delivery

Counterfeit Note Store serves customers from Europe as responsibly as those from the US and other countries. We can ship fake euro bills in the selected denominations to any location while:
Using professional packaging based on discreet practices and privacy protection
Doing the prep work in a wink to deliver euros within 1-3 days
Securing data exchange processes between you and Counterfeit Note Store
Are you still cashless? Do yourself the biggest favor by bringing undetectable euros into your pockets!

Buy your real bank notes 

Our notes pass the majority of security checks, so you are free to use them anywhere, from exotic resorts to storefronts. The only precaution you should stick to is to avoid banks because these notes are still counterfeit despite their watermarks, engraving, and holograms.

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